1. "As with Dropbox and Uber, Snapchat has earned the love of its users by doing one thing they love really well. Take that thing away, and the love goes with it."

  2. "The market is a moving target, and often the biggest opportunities require building for emerging changes in technology, behaviors, and values."
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  4. Google is trying harder than ever to force people to sign up for Google Plus. And now, they’ve discovered a new strategy to do this: either you join Plus, or they’ll release your search history and all the private information they’ve learned about you over the years.

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    Study: Consumers Will Pay $5 for an App that Respects Their Privacy

    Ever since the iPhone came out in 2007, the going rate for many of the most popular apps has been exactly $0.00. Consumers pay nothing.

    But of course, nothing is free. Instead, consumers pay with their data, that’s sold to marketers, or with screenspace, which is forked over to make room for ads. It’s a trade consumers are happy to make.

    But are they?

    A new study from economists at the University of Colorado finds otherwise. It shows that the average consumer would prefer to pay small fees for their apps, in exchange for keeping their information private and their screens uncluttered.

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    The sky seemed to smile over much of planet Earth. Visible the world over was an unusual superposition of our Moon and the planets Venus and Jupiter. A crescent Moon over Los Angeles appears to be a smile when paired with the planetary conjunction of seemingly nearby Jupiter and Venus.


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    We rounded up ten practical insights from this year’s top Tumblr blog posts to help you get a jump-start on a successful 2014. Read on for advice from prominent Stanford GSB faculty, alumni, and visitors:

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  10. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing